by Vehement

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Recorded at Aesthetics Studios, Melbourne with our friend Dan (


released July 3, 2012



all rights reserved


Vehement Melbourne, Australia

Four piece Melbourne band with varied influences spanning hardcore, metal and punk.

Ex and current members of In Trenches, Party Vibez, Marathon and Acid Snake


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Track Name: Wormtongue
I would gladly fall asleep on this bed of eyes, if it meant a view of the stars, but tongues fork and pupils dilate and I can no longer be seen. Faded visions and stretched skin. Put your wallets away, this show doesn’t cost a cent.

Hold your cards close to your chest, as I’m breaking fingers and giving up the rest.

The air drowns ugliness but I feel dirt on your breath. A sea of blank faced mannequins swaying in common rhythm, singing a merry song of the deer and the lion. I’ll be the latter and crush the spring in your step

The deer and the lion. Crushed ankles and broken wrists. I feed on the night air. Ill intentions and forked tongues, I’ll chew you up.

I will find the worst in you. I will prove you to only be an empty vessel. A thoughtless machine grinding out the product of your surroundings.
Track Name: Soul Survivor
A tale of several broken men. The courageous who never allowed his heart to bend, and the snake who shed his skin in countless beds. It is simply not plausible to think he won't survive. He's down staring face to face with Hell, stared it dead in the eye. Rubble kicked, smashed like a victim's teeth.

This is the end, the ghost above the hospital bed, the outside looking in.
No skin on the bone, no beat in the chest. Make your ghost proud, have him not claw his way back in out of fear of regret.
Track Name: Black Speech
Every day I wake to the sound of heavy footsteps. My head sinks through the floor boards. Another day spent among the dust.

Expending energy for another man's wealth. Scratch the days on the inside of my skull.

No longer a commodity, just merely a resource
Not a second longer. My number is up.

This is my hands around your throat and my fingers in your eyes.

I will bury you along with all my doubt and fear. You cant carry this weight, crushed by earth and stone.

I will be the black behind your eyelids. The pause between your heartbeats
I will go beyond all currency to create distance.
Track Name: Embraced By The Rats
Millions of faces all painted in white. Call your sponsor as you don’t want to make the wrong move. This is broadcasting live so choose your words wisely. Satellites litter the sky

All these throats sing the same song. When did the alternate get swamped by the masses? Like a tumour it has embed itself deep within.

Cut it out. Embraced by the rats.